Pre-conference workshops

A number of pre-conference workshops are being held in conjunction with myPHN Conference 2018, being held on Friday 31 August 2018. 

Connecting for Youth

  • All youth workers, primary care providers, and other clinicians working in the youth space are invited to attend this event. This forum will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and participate in interactive discussions.

    Learning outcomes:

    • increase knowledge and understanding of youth issues
    • increase knowledge and access to youth services
    • increase awareness of factors that impact youth wellbeing
    • integrate and connect youth service providers.

    Date: Friday 31 August 2018

    Time: 8am-4pm

    Venue: MECC, Hall B, Alfred Street, Mackay

    Register here, or download the flyer for more information.

Planning for the future of primary care workforce 

  • This workshop will look at workforce challenges faced by regional, rural, and remote service providers. The workshop will address issues and generate discussion to identify solutions to support the provision of safe, sustainable primary care services to regional, rural, and remote Queensland through:

      • identification of key professional and personal factors to be addressed for recruitment and retention of staff
      • effective workforce planning, career pathways, and opportunities to re-model primary health care services
      • resource hubs and other support for career and professional development.

    Date: Friday 31 August 2018

    Time: 2.30pm-5.30pm

    Venue: MECC, Meeting Room 2, Alfred Street, Mackay

    Register here, or download the flyer for more information.

Wound care – the next step 

  • All heath care professionals are invited to attend this education session on wound care, including cellulitis management. This workshop will provide participants with fundamental skills and knowledge to enhance their wound management practice.

    Learning outcomes:

      • cellulitis assessment and management
      • skin integrity and oedema management
      • ABPI’s implications and compression bandaging
      • product selection options
      • interactive clinical case studies and questions.

    Date: Friday 31 August 2018

    Time: 8.30am-4.30pm

    Venue: MECC, Meeting Room 1, Alfred Street, Mackay

    Register here, or download the flyer for more information.

Rebuilding the foundation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families: Starting with men

  • Red Dust, together with Northern Queensland Primary Health Network, invite you to a workshop to build knowledge and skills to support the men to be the champions of change within their communities.

    Learning outcomes:

        • understanding the impact on men–control, colonization, and oppression
        • impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men–The Ripple Effect
        • rebuilding the foundation of family: Source–Father–Man–Individual.

      Date: Friday 31 August 2018

      Time: 8.30am-2.30pm

      Venue: MECC, Meeting Room 2, Alfred Street, Mackay

      Register here, or download the flyer for more information.  







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