An update of Queensland
Health’s digital strategy and
implementation across
regional Queensland

Urchins 3

1:50 pm - 2:10 pm

Stream 3: Digital and data innovation

Queensland Health is on a mission to advance healthcare through digital innovation to be able to address the challenges within the health system in regional Queensland and more broadly. The recently launched Digital Health Strategic Vision for Queensland 2026 (the Vision) underpins the Advancing Health Vision for all Queenslanders to be among the healthiest people in the world by 2026.

This Vision sets out clear goals for how the future will look to a variety of stakeholders, including patients, consumers, clinicians and other staff. More detail planning is occurring to enable this high quality healthcare in the digital future to be realised. Key digital health projects continue to be rolled out including Queensland Health will also increase the use of e electronic medical records within rural and remote hospitals through the integrated electronic Medical Record as well as electronic health records in primary and community care settings. National initiatives will also be leverages such as the My Health Record and secure sharing of information with healthcare partners. These will be important enablers to connecting healthcare in rural and remote settings.

The health outcomes of Queenslanders is the focus of Queensland Health and eHealth Queensland has this priority in mind when moving forward with the digital health vision.

Learning objectives:

  • What is on the horizon for Queensland in terms of digital health
  • Understanding of the Queensland Vision for digital health and how this will meet the needs of regional Queensland
  • How Queensland Health aims to use technology as an enabler to provide better integrated care
  • How is Queensland Health working together with regional programs
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