Career planning

AAPM Practice Staff - Coral Lounge

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

AAPM Workshops

Career planning in health and allied health administration and management is and should be a current, ongoing, and lifelong process.  The major focus should be on matching personal goals and opportunities that are realistically available and achievable.

Growth of an organisation/practice is intrinsically linked with the development of individual staff members on all levels.  Matching the practice vision and the employee’s aspirations is a “win-win” for all as a staff retention programme.

Your career should not depend on whether your current workplace can accommodate your career plans, progression and/or their implementation.  Whether we work in practices located in rural areas or cities, there are now many available options for changing roles or studying for a new qualification in health and allied health.

Formal or informal study, practical training or guidance from a mentor or industry specialist – these are some of the choices available.  Our industry is changing and developing at a rapid pace, and continually provides us with options to transition between existing and new roles with formal qualifications, experience based recognition or a combination of both.

Attending workshops, webinars, and subscribing to industry specific newsletters and associations all contribute to an informed and current knowledge base. Use problem solving, networking and decision making skills to reach career goals.

We will also explore some options available after you reach your training, career and/or education goals to keep you motivated and invested in your career.  A career in health and allied health has never been more rewarding or exciting.  We no longer need to leave our career to chance.

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