Eating disorders treatment and
support – the future of PHNs

Michaelmas Cay

4:20 pm - 4:40 pm

Stream 1: Social determinants of health

Eating Disorders are serious mental health issues; affecting approximately 4% of the population, and yet only 25% of people with an eating disorder are in treatment.  The evidence-base highlights that community-integrated, multi-disciplinary primary healthcare approaches can be effective in treating eating disorders and have distinct advantages in terms of early intervention, increased access to care, cost effectiveness and responsiveness.

As mental health issues that impact several other areas of primary health care, including chronic illness and obesity, eating disorders as a significant issue for PHNs to address. PHNs are the best driver for delivering improved care to those with eating disorders.

This presentation will discuss primary health approaches to eating disorders that ensure a nationally consistent, evidence-based approach to their identification, treatment and support to meet local needs. The National Eating Disorders Collaboration will be explained, highlighting how this federally funded project can provide individualised support, training, information and tools to each PHN to enable them to implement effective system change, workforce development, services and supports for eating disorders.

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