Medicinal cannabis

Michaelmas Cay

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm

Stream 1: Social determinants of health

The community enthusiasm for medicinal cannabis has been intense, and has encouraged politicians to develop legislation to allow the cultivation, manufacture and use of medicinal cannabis products in Australia.

However, in the process medical practitioners have become the “gate keepers – a role we may, or may not, be ready for. The evidence is limited as good robust scientific trials are lacking, but the internet provides lots of anecdotal “success” stories. And our patients are asking about medicinal cannabis and wanting to use it …..

The New Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Act and Regulations 2016 were implemented on 1 March 2017.  This provides the pathways for medical practitioners, specialists and general practitioners, to prescribe medicinal cannabis in Queensland.

In addition to the Queensland legislation, there have been wide ranging changes at the Commonwealth level which impact on Queensland medical practitioners and their ability to source medicinal cannabis products.

This session will provide information about:

  • Prescribing pathways in Queensland
  • The need for TGA involvement
  • What does the evidence show so far
  • How can we best help our patients?
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