A health check for your
practices and finances

Michaelmas Cay

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Stream 1: Social determinants of health

The success of your practice is not solely determined by your skill as a practitioner. The patients experience with your practice begins the moment they make contact with your either by phone or increasingly via online bookings.

There are many challenges to meet, and changes to deal with, which will be confronting the medical industry in the coming years. Many of these changes will not be felt immediately but over time. Some of these challenges include, the lingering impact of the medicare freeze, the push for online patient records and increasing competition from more graduates and practitioners.

While these challenges are known, many practices continue to operate as they have in the past while some other practices are preparing for these challenges proactively by, in some cases, forcing themselves to consider the business side of their practice and not just the clinical.

This presentation will consider:
• Current business trends in the health industry including the impact of innovation and increasing competition
– practices are evolving over time, offering more services and treatments to patients, interacting and marketing to patients in new ways.
• How the latest federal budget will impact health
– the latest budget had some big spending initiatives for the health industry, not all of which may have positive outcomes for practitioners and practices
• Creating a strategic vision for your practice and using this to increase the operational and financial performance of your practice
– a vision for your practice is critical for long term success. What are the core values of your practice? Where is your practice going, what services will it provide, will it expand or remain the same? Do your staff know their roles and what you want from them? Do you really know your patients and why they come to you?

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