Dana Newcomb

Dana Newcomb
  • Medical Director–Integrated Care
    Children’s Health Queensland


Dana is a general practitioner with many years’ experience in integration between the paediatric acute care and the primary care and community sectors. She developed the Integrated Care Strategy for the Children’s Health Queensland, and leads the teams working on key enablers of integrated care including Project ECHO® , HealthPathways and the GP Liaison program. Alongside her role as Medical Director Integrated Care, she works clinically at the Mater Refugee Complex Care Clinic in Brisbane, and enjoys the challenges inherent in caring for some of the most vulnerable members of society.

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Project ECHO: Harnessing telementoring capability for building workforce capacity and capability


Sunday 2 September  |  View program for more details


In 2016-17, Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) introduced Project ECHO® to Queensland. ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a hub-and-spoke model of case-based learning, in which a specialist multidisciplinary hub team mentors primary care providers at community spoke sites via videoconference. The learning is structured around management of a health condition that is common, complex and chronic – such as ADHD, obesity or mental health. The ‘curriculum’ is learner-centric, ensuring relevance and optimal participant engagement from spoke sites. During an ECHO® series, primary care providers are supported to master complexity and deliver best practice care through iterative case-based learning. In so doing, ECHO® exponentially increases access to specialty level care in underserved areas by providing community clinicians with knowledge and support required to manage complex patients they would otherwise have needed to refer on. By ‘moving knowledge, rather than moving patients’, patients receive the right care, at the right place and right time. There is no cost to join ECHO®. All participating General Practitioners are eligible for RACGP or ACRRM CPD points, and those who present a case can bill a Medicare case conference item number. The model has been found to reduce professional isolation, increase joy of work and improve workforce retention in rural areas. The ECHO model™ is delivered from 195 hubs worldwide for the management of more than 50 chronic conditions. CHQ’s Hub is the first paediatric Hub in Australasia.

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