David Male

David Male
  • Director
    Murchison Software Pty Ltd
David has worked in information technology as a business analyst, software platform meta-architect, business modeller and entrepreneur for over twenty years. He has worked in Silicon Valley and
Australia from the birth of the web in 1994.
In 2003 David project managed the first GP census for Tasmania, covering all GPs and practices in that state; and this platform and system went national in 2007, under the aegis of the national GP body of the time, AGPN. A national GP census was run successfully for a number of years until GP divisions were defunded, and Medicare Locals and then PHNs meant there was a disrupted continuity of services.
David has also produced, written and directed television programs that have received international awards at the New York International Film Festival and other international festivals.
David is currently implementing a GP census platform for NQPHN that can be extended to other PHNs when required.
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