Dr Aaron Kennedy

Dr Aaron Kennedy
  • Lead Clinical Editor
    Mackay HealthPathways


Dr Aaron Kennedy MBBS, FACRRM, Lead Clinical Editor Mackay HealthPathways, Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Queensland

After graduating from the University of Queensland, Aaron first worked in Hunter, New South Wales before moving to the UK to work as a locum for some years.

When returning to Australia, Aaron’s primary clinical focus in Emergency Medicine and Education, steered him towards working within the Emergency Department team at Mackay Base Hospital as a Senior Medical Officer. After 10 years within this department, including a year as the Director of Emergency, Aaron commenced working within general practice.

Aaron has been a part of the Mackay HealthPathways team since its inception, building on the networks he had established with both specialties at the hospital and in private practice during his time in ED. Since fellowship with ACRRM, Aaron has worked in a number of practices in Mackay including taking over ownership of a local GP urgent care clinic.

Aaron now works full time in the HealthPathways team as the Lead Clinical Editor and recently took on the Clinical Advisor role for the Queensland HealthPathways community.

As the Lead Clinical Editor of Mackay HealthPathways, Aaron is involved in collaborative projects where he is leading local research into the HANDI Initiative with Bond University and providing support within the autism research project by assisting in the formulation of the first ever post diagnosis pathways for the Mackay region, with the aim for these resources to be shared across the international HealthPathways community.

“I am loving the process of contributing to improvements in healthcare delivery across our region. It’s refreshing to be working on a program that has collaboration built into the core of what we do.”

Married with four children, Aaron’s interests and projects include creating a 10-acre tropical garden, Celtic music and culture, home education, and a growing list of unfinished woodworking projects.


Shaping Up—inspiring tribes to tackle obesity and type 2 diabetes


Saturday 1 September  |  View program for more details


Chronic diseases such as obesity an type 2 diabetes are growing issues across the globe putting pressure not only on individuals but also families, organisations, communities and the healthcare industry. Changing lifestyles play a strong role in the progression of these diseases, meaning the healthcare industry needs to rapidly evolve to meet the demands of how to make a community healthier. The key is in families and strong connections to our tribes. Tribal interventions look at targeting families and community leadership to implement behavioural change. Tribal settings include workplace, industry, families, communities and schools. “Tribal” is a euphemism for those interventions connecting powerful community leaders, family group influencers, catalysts, sources of influence on families an individuals. The methodology is supported by evidenced based social identity research and best practice approaches in reducing community risk of obesity and diabetes. By inspiring Other leaders to help drive behaviour change, the responsibility of dealing with major health issues shifts from hospitals and health alone to a whole-of-community.

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