Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson
  • Senior Project Officer Integrated Care
    Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service


Hannah Johnson is the Senior Project Officer Integrated Care, with Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, implementing CHQ’s Integrated Care Strategy. She previously worked as Project Officer for the Queensland Children’s Eye Health Strategy, working with the CHQ ophthalmology department to improve collaboration with community optometrists. She has a Bachelor of Business and extensive project management experience in the health industry. Hannah is currently studying her Master of Public Health, majoring in health promotion. She has worked with the previously known Medicare Local and now Primary Health Network in north Brisbane, demonstrating her experience with the primary healthcare sector.


An integrated care strategy for paediatric health services


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Paediatric healthcare has become increasingly fragmented, especially for those with complex conditions who may need to navigate multiple service providers and organisations.  It is well recognised that such fragmentation leads to adverse health, social and economic outcomes.  The health sector is not the only player in the wellbeing of children and young people. Other services and Government departments, including education, housing, transport and social services, as well as good family functioning are fundamentally important to child health and wellbeing, highlighting the need for collaboration and ‘joining up’ of services. Integrated care has therefore emerged as an important, contemporary theme in health care delivery for children.

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