Janice Quadrio

Janice Quadrio
  • Social Worker


Janice Quadrio is a Social Worker with more than 30 years’ experience and currently employed in a collaborative project to run the ICE Help Project. Janice has worked in many and varied settings in both government and non-government organisations here and overseas. She works from a strengths based approach within systems theory and her preferred delivery is with an Intensive Case Management Model whereby the clinician is also the Case Manager. Janice has particular expertise in running groups and has been at the forefront of the NGO response to ICE in Mackay over the past 2 years.

Session title

ICE Help—Mackay’s own innovative and effective project


Saturday 1 September  |  View program for more details


The ICE Help project is Mackay’s Bottom Up regional response to ICE use in Mackay and district. This presentation will outline the project’s genesis, collaboration, and current functioning, and some important outcomes and findings about how families are managing this most destructive problem. In particular, it is crucial to note how family’s can play a vital role in the Reduction of Harms and as pathway to early intervention.

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