John Macaskill-Smith

John Macaskill-Smith
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Pinnacle Ventures Limited


John has 20 years leading change in primary care. John took Pinnacle from a small team of 16 people in 2001 to the broader group of companies and innovations that it’s so well known for. Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and outcome, he loves the challenge of improving outcomes by blending the best of what we do with what we could do.

John has introduced a range of new programs and technologies to the NZ health sector that are now having an impact nationally and in some cases internationally. These include the Health Care Home in 2010 and now via the Pinnacle network and the national Health Care Home Collaborative this has grown to a national program. Patient portals were launched in Pinnacle as part of the Health Care Home development and this has now been adopted nationally and is being adopted around the country. Xcrania has established a primary care secure cloud and has seen a growing number of primary care providers shifting from local services to fully supported cloud system. Indici has also sent shockwave through the primary IT space, with Midlands, Compass, Central and Hutt Valley now endorsing Indici as their preferred system and forcing existing systems to pull their socks up and attempt to catch up with the sector’s needs.

John now leads Ventures for the Pinnacle group which is managing the what’s next and what’s after what’s next thinking for Pinnacle. Ventures manages all the ownership and management of the practices owned within the Pinnacle group which is a growing business.  Ventures is also establishing new partnership with industries outside the health sector to explore and develop new models and approaches for primary care and importantly to better meet changing consumer and patient needs.


General practice 4.0—where will you be?

What are the determinants that connect health?
Presenting with Alison VerhoevenProf. Annabel Taylor, Craig HodgesIan YatesJo Whitehead, Vivian Mook & Ian Haughton


Saturday & Sunday 1–2 September  |  View program for more details


General practice 4.0—where will you be?
As the world around us converges is the health sector being left behind, is General Practice? As consumers we are all seeking joined up and convenient experiences not one based around service needs.

The next generation workforce is also seeking a new place to work. Not in the existing configuration but looking for a new way of working supported by new business models and new models of care in a tech rich environment to meet their needs but also the changing expectations of patients.

The challenge we face is to meet both the needs of today’s health system but also to start to build and redesign the health system of tomorrow. Change is fear inducing, but not changing will result in those resisting the change being those that will most struggle to access the care they need when they need it.

Where will you be with your General Practice?

What are the determinants that connect health?
With governance and accountability in the Australian health care system split between various levels of government and numerous separate agencies, overall management of the system is at times difficult to work in and navigate for patients. NQPHN has taken the unprecedented step to develop the myPHN Conference 2018 with an intent to explore the determinants of health from a cross sectoral perspective. This approach aims to enhance intersectorial understanding and integration to facilitate conversations, innovations and partnerships that meet the needs of the future state requirements of general practice and health care.

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