Kathleen Davey

Kathleen Davey
  • Principal Consultant & Clinical Psychologist
    Social Skills Training Institute


Kathleen Davey is a Clinical Psychologist and Principal Consultant for the Social Skills Training Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the not-for-profit Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism, a world-first research collaboration using research and universal design to build capacity across Australia. With a particular focus on Autism for 18 years, Kathleen has become a clinician, business leader and professional trainer who brings a depth of unique skills to make presentations and consultation practical, effective and fun. With a combination of clinical and forensic expertise in Autism, organisational psychology skill, and years of experience growing the international distribution of the evidence-based Secret Agent Society Program across education and health and disability sectors, Kathleen enjoys working with educational and clinical teams to help them establish sustainable innovation in their organisations.


Keynote 7
Innovative and evidence-based approaches to empowering social and emotional resilience in children


Sunday 2 September  |  View program for more details


In a world where physical health and development as well as mental health are often viewed as most important, social-emotional skill development may not always be at the forefront of many professionals’ minds. However, the social-emotional challenges experienced by children in everyday life can impact on educational, career, mental health, and general wellbeing outcomes later in life. Secret Agent Society (SAS) empowers children with a fun, technology integrated, whole-of-life approach. It provides an evidence-based intervention for targeting vulnerable populations as well as prevention and resilience building for all kids through an education whole-of-class curriculum. Multiple university and community trials have shown the program to be effective in improving children’s emotion regulation and social skills. The original Australian study for the SAS Small Group Program holds the most clinically significant change published in the world for a program of its kind. Originally designed for children on the autism spectrum, the SAS program is now also used to help children with a range of diagnoses or just to manage general challenges in a social context, such as bullying. The program has already helped more than 15,000 children across all states of Australia (including metropolitan, regional and remote locations) as well as nine countries internationally. Autism CRC’s SAS program was recently awarded CRC Associations Award for Excellence in Innovation. The SAS Program was recognised for its revolutionary, evidence-based approach to helping children address social and emotional challenges, and for positively changing the lives of more than 15,000 children across all states of Australia (including metropolitan, regional and remote locations) as well as nine countries internationally. Learn about how services across health, disability and education can use an evidence-based approach with children in, small therapy groups, in one-to-one therapy work, learning support units, and classrooms. This session provides you with information, tips & strategies on how to use the SAS Computer Game and SAS E-Telligence Pack flexibly with children. We will show you how to map computer game activities onto children’s targeted skill development and explore techniques for practicing skills with children in session and real life. Get ready to activate your O2 Regulators, put on your Bully-Guard Body Armour, and see the Detective Laboratory in action!

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