Luke Moloney

Luke Moloney
  • Manager


Luke is an analytics consultant with extensive experience in the primary health sector. Luke aims to make data more accessible to the people who need it, in the format that suits them, while working with incredibly smart people. Luke loves working in an environment of continuous innovation and understanding healthcare and improving it through data.


Elegant data solutions


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To achieve elegant data solution you need to combine three ingredients. The mechanics: manipulation, transformation and automation of data loads. The maths: advanced analytical techniques that turn data into insight. The magic dust: a creative team that can make data interaction look beautiful and feel intuitive. elegant data solutions specialize in reporting, visual, and advanced analytics. At Aginic we apply an agile delivery model and demonstrate results within days, not weeks and months. Aginic provide insights by combining our client’s data and other relevant data sources to create aesthetically impressive and interactive analysis solutions. Surrounding ourselves with genuine people is one of our core values. Working with each other and our clients is what we enjoy most. The Aginic team is diverse in skills and talents, and we are constantly striving to learn more.

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