Val Pilcher

Val Pilcher
  • CEO
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service Mackay Ltd (ATSICHS)


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What are the determinants that connect health?
Presenting with Alison VerhoevenProf. Annabel TaylorJohn Macaskill-SmithIan YatesJo Whitehead, Craig Hodges & Bruce McNab


Sunday 2 September  |  View program for more details


With governance and accountability in the Australian health care system split between various levels of government and numerous separate agencies, overall management of the system is at times difficult to work in and navigate for patients. NQPHN has taken the unprecedented step to develop the myPHN Conference 2018 with an intent to explore the determinants of health from a cross sectoral perspective. This approach aims to enhance intersectorial understanding and integration to facilitate conversations, innovations and partnerships that meet the needs of the future state requirements of general practice and health care.

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